Professionals and SD Alumni Attend SDCN Facilitator Training in June

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(Sustained Dialogue Campus Network)

In June, twenty professionals and SD alumni attended an SDCN 3-day facilitation training. Participants came from a variety of professional backgrounds, from higher education and government, to the corporate and social entrepreneurship fields. Participants honed dialogue facilitation skills, and acquired the tools to be compassionate leaders capable of making informed decisions in their individual fields.

The training was held in partnership with the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue. IISD President and Sustained Dialogue Founder Hal Saunders and IISD Secretary Phil Stewart were instrumental to the success of the workshop. The workshop was the kickoff event in a pilot program for Certification in Sustained Dialogue.

Participants said:

  • "I hope to be able to use the skills I learned here to create my own programs and establish relationships with different groups in my work in the future."
  • "I learned about the power of listening and suspending judgement in order to make change, progress, and authentic dialogue."

Highlights Include:

  • Reviewing best practices for creating learning spaces around identity
  • Understanding and applying the Relationship Model
  • Engaging the big 8 dimensions of social identity
  • Using the five stages from dialogue-to-action
  • Moderating and debriefing dialogues

After the workshop participants shared what they took away from the workshop in 10 words or less:

  • "I can't wait for what happens next."
  • "There is great power in diversity and deep listening."
  • "I am grateful to have met everyone and having allies rooting for me."
  • "Thanks for pushing me to question my assumptions and beliefs"
  • "I feel like I could write a book from all I have learned here."

Stay tuned for more opportunities like this!

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