PULSE Retreat

PULSE is Perspective. Understanding. Leadership. Sustained. Exchange.

The inaugural PULSE Institute concluded on July 25, 2014 at Bucknell University with more than 80 students, advisors, moderators, staff, speakers, and volunteers in attendance from 14 schools. Participants first experienced the PULSE Retreat curriculum firsthand and later dove into a Vision to Action Bootcamp to begin thinking about their own campus-based adaptations and implementation. During the Institute, participants explored issues of identity, inclusion, mindfulness, empathy, and authentic leadership over five days of experiential activity and immersive dialogue. 

Just a few highlights from students’ self-assessment after the PULSE Institute.

  • 38% of students believed they could broaden their perspectives to include others’ concerns, even when disagreement persists before PULSE. Post-PULSE 100% believed they can now practice this skill.
  • 14% believed they could test inferences and assumptions in the moment to clear up potential misunderstandings. 81% post-PULSE.
  • 38% believed they were aware of the intersection of their various identities before PULSE. 89% post-PULSE.
  • 33% believed they had the skills to practice mindfulness in their everyday lives. 81% post-PULSE.
  • 29% believed they could listen deeply enough to others to be changed by what they hear. 100% post-PULSE.

We have a lot to say about the Institute, but let’s hear about it directly from our students...

Learn more about their experiences and the importance of this work below.

Inaugural Year Schools - Read the Press Release

American University
 Case Western Reserve University
Claflin University
 College of William & Mary
Elon University Gordon College
Hofstra University Montana State University
Ohio University University of Alabama
University of Tampa   University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point     Wake Forest University

A special thank you to the Roger I. & Ruth B. MacFarlane Foundation whose support and vision made this initiative possible.

Organizational & Individual Supporters and In-Kind Donors

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Experiencing Privilege activity

Photo courtesy of Bucknell University/Gordon Wenzle
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