University of Virginia

SD participants and moderators at an SD facilitated and interfaith
dialogue forum commemorating 9/11 in 2011.

"I can speak for myself as a Muslim-American, I think this experience was cathartic in many ways. To share my story with someone who has maybe never encountered someone who is Muslim felt really good."
-Maria Malas

About UVA


Charlottesville, VA

Student Population

14,000 undergraduate


UVA joined the network in 2001.

In Their Own Words

Sustained Dialogue @ UVA Blog

“Sustained Dialogue (SD) saved my college experience. I’ve never looked at a fellow student the same since. People about whom I held hateful prejudices have become more than their one-dimensional labels which I stuck on them. The connections I made with people in SD and the shift in my worldview that followed have caused me to act and treat people differently, which are steps that can resonate out into the wider world.” 
 -Grace, UVA student moderator

Current Student Leaders

SD Chair, Maria Malas

UVA Alumnus Charles Gamper with students Sydney Morgan and Maria
Malas (SD Chair) at the 2011 Student Leadership Retreat.

In the News

  • "We're Talking Over" The Cavalier Daily, September 21, 2011.
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